1. Proposal McCarthy, Minsky, Rochester, Shannon Ray's Copy (with notes in margins) of Overall proposal for Summer of 56. Then has Shannon, Minsky, McCarthy, Newell/Simon Proposals.
  2. Proposals Same, maybe missing some pages --- will be checked
  3. Ray's AI approach Sent to McCarthy, proposing Ray's work ideas for Dartmouth Summer
  4. More proposal June 12, 1956. Computer decisions in deductive logic.
  5. Contents of Ray's Notes on Others
  6. Ray's Notes on Others
  7. Ray's Notes Describing Certain Days' Activities Ashby, July 23; More, July 24; Samuels, Aug 6; McCarthy, Aug 7; Berstein, Aug 8; Minsky, Aug 13; Bigelow, Aug 15.
  8. repeat of Day Aug7 chess
  9. More cover Contents of More Report
  10. More Report Page 1-8: on 5th and 6th week. Page 9-19: More on complexity, deductive systems
  11. Minsky First page of early version of steps for AI, loaned back to Minsky
  12. Minsky First page of 3 papers by Marvin Minsky
  13. Logic Theory Machine, Part 1 Newell and Simon: Logic Theory Machine (in 3 scanned sections)
  14. Logic Theory Machine, Part 2 Logic Theory Machine (in 3 scanned sections)
  15. Logic Theory Machine, Part 3 Logic Theory Machine (in 3 scanned sections)
  16. Rochester: tests on cell assembly Rochester et al. Neural Net Study on Hebb and Milner Cell Assemblies.
  17. McCarthy: Approach to the AI Problem McCarthy approach to the AI Problem
  18. McCarthy: On the speed of Turing Machines On the speed of Turing Machines
  19. MIT Sept 1956 Symposium Attendees List
  20. Anti-inductive inference Letter 1963 refers to other's anti-inductive inference ideas.
  21. Wendy Conquest note Wendy Conquest note: mentions Ray causing Marvin's switch to symbolics; hard vs easy problems