Lectures by Ray Solomonoff

"The Universal Distribution and Machine Learning" (Video of Lecture) (pdf of Lecture)
The Kolmogorov Lecture: To celebrate the centenary of Andrey Kolmogorov's birth (25 April 1903),
the Computer Learning Research Centre at Royal Holloway, United Kingdom,
established the University of London Kolmogorov Lecture and Medal
Ray gave the inaugural lecture in 2003.
"Algorithmic Probability, AI and NKS" (Video of Lecture)
Lecture given at 2005 Midwest NKS conference October 2005
Two M.I.T. Lectures
Lecture 1. Algorithmic Probability.(latex 29K) (pdf 130K) (ps 210K)
Lecture 2. Applications of Algorithmic Probability. (latex 15K) (pdf 129K) (ps 227K)
Lectures given at M.I.T. IAP, January 2005


Lectures, Papers and Talks given or read by others

"Ray Solomonoff - Algorithmic Probability, Hueristic Programming and AGI" (Video of Lecture)
Marcus Hutter giving a clear explanation of main points
of Solomonoff's article for AGI-10 (a conference on Artificial General Intelligence), and of his work in general
"A Few Notes on Multiple Theories and Conceptual Jump Size" (pdf of paper)
Article about Ray's work, from the proceedings of AGI-16
(video of talk) (pictures from talk)
Talk given at AGI-16 by Grace Solomonoff